The Saga of Adamas

Haywood's Journal for Session #1

Musings of a Self-Righteous Half-Elf

“It’s been 38 days since we were inducted into the king’s service. The king of Adamas. The situation would be ironic but for a small, conception-shattering bit of information: The king of Adamas is also the leader of the Wolfsblood Rebellion. Up until that point I had assumed Speaker Quintas lead the rebellion.

“Nevertheless, it escapes me why the king would be so trusting with us. Maybe we’re part of his plan…? Even if that’s the case, I still can’t figure out why he would be helping us like this. We’ve been granted access to the treasury, the king’s personal armory, and everything else the castle has to offer. Even Den’Alar has dedicated his resources to our cause.

“And I still have no clue as to what we’re supposed to be doing. At this point, we’ve been doing small, insignificant missions – besides rescuing the inquisitors, of course. It just seems to me like we’re some group sent out to finish up what the city guards can’t. I see no connection to the Rebellion itself. I am beginning to feel my time is better spent working for something that actually benefits the rebellion directly.

“And of course, the king is a complete lunatic. He seems to emphasize the idea of him and me working as equals. Kings don’t do that. I don’t trust him. Further, he is the leader of a rebellion whose sole purpose is to take the city that he is the ruler of. I understand his explanation that he is essentially powerless – bogged down by the aristocracy – and by re-conquering his own city he would gain more power. However, the lives lost by a siege or even a sneak attack overnight would be tremendous. He says it would be for the greater good. I would understand or even agree with his stance if only I knew what that greater good was. As it stands, he appears to be keeping something from me – making his emphasis on equality all the more hypocritical. In my eyes, the king seems like a greedy weakling with a hidden agenda. His judgment will come in time.

“I have had time to mull over these thoughts since 38 days ago. The more I do, the more confused I get.

“The winter flame festival has begun. I don’t know when it started. It could have been days ago. Today may very well be the first day. I don’t know. I haven’t been told the exact date in quite some time. Maybe I will go out tonight – take my mind off things.”



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