The Saga of Adamas

Haywood's Journal - Session #2

Musings of a Self-Righteous Half-Elf

“Son of a bitch.

“We forgot the phylactery. We followed Forte so far underground I probably could have broken through to hell if I had hit the ground hard enough, killed him in single combat, had him swear vengeance on me and all of my ancestors forever, took his magical staff and apparently worthless magical rock, and WE FORGOT TO DESTROY THE GODS-DAMNED PHYLACTERY.

“Admittedly, it might not have been on him at all. If Fenrir is controlling him, then he most likely had the phylactery. If that’s the case, then we had no power over it.

“But that damned jester’s hat! We should have destroyed it! Guards were sent back down into the tunnels to retrieve it, but I doubt it is still there. Call me pessimistic, but that’s not how these things work. When the heroes do something stupid, it usually comes back to bite them in the ass. We were just so caught up in the heat of battle that I guess it slipped our minds. That and I had to carry a comatose Riley all the way up those steps to the surface. If you factor in that he had other magical objects that could have been the phylactery – but weren’t – than I guess it becomes understandable. But we’re still very much to blame.

“Moving onto the subject of Montressor. I suppose I have a grudging respect for the old man. He did what I had done in his situation. But he didn’t have to like it – and he DID like it. There is no justice in personal vengeance, there is only murder.

“Though, seeing his wife, I understand his plight. It is a strong woman to have thrown off the shackles of a lich’s control. And though she had been long dead, she retains a certain charm…

“Great Gods what am I saying?

“I need to put this journal aside and… go for a walk.

“Yes. That’s what I’ll do.



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