The Saga of Adamas

Haywood's Journal - Session #3

Musings of a Self-Righteous Half-Elf

“It occurred to me very recently that most use journals such as this one to recount events. I do not believe I shall ever use this for that purpose. I don’t suppose I shall forget these events any time soon. Besides, it is much more important to have your ideas down on paper, rather than your memories.”

“I cannot fathom what that little gnome and his young female associate sought to gain from destroying the city. Den’Alar translated the gnome’s dying words for me. ‘Egaliser’… to even the score. I realize that gnomes have a strong prejudice against other races, though for my part I do not know what caused this. If it is simply bred into them, then I suppose that is that. But I cannot help but think that there is some deeper reason. I suppose I’ll have to consult Den’Alar once again.”

“But that young human woman, she had no stake in whatever was to be accomplished by this suicidal terrorist attempt. She simply seemed to… love him. Possibly she saw him as a father figure? Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if that damn gnome was a lecher, as well as a xenophobe and a terrorist. However, my personal convictions are irrelevant to the point I mean to get to. When offered a choice between redemption and death, she chose death. No matter her relationship with the gnome, she must have had some other kind of influence to follow through as she did. Was she a Darinian? Perhaps she found the Wolfsblood Rebellion too inactive as I once did, and decided to take things into her own hands – to forge her own destiny, as it were.”

“Gah. I can’t dwell on this – I’ll go insane.”

“I need a few weeks off before I do anything else. I’ll take the time to refine myself – like I said, I can’t go on like this…”



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