Grand Historian of Darinia


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An ageless, timeless mage whose longevity dwarfs that of many empires. He is currently the chief chronicler of Adamas, and a benefactor of the Wolfsblood Rebellion.

He was born millenia ago, in the time of legend, in the city-state of Darinia. He and three others were chosen by Zar the Ancient One to assist his management of time. These four; Den’Alar the heir to Darinia, Nira, a wise human mage, Tarn, a Dwarven scholar, and Ninar, a great noble from Thule, were educated in Zar’s kingdom, the elemental plane of earth. There he ruled from a tower that hung from the sky over a vast desert filled with glowing sand.

It was in this tower that the four mortals learned the may of the Time Mage. They studied for years and eventually gained enough power and experience to be granted jurisdiction over time. At the top of the tower, Zar and his apprentices gathered. Forming a powerful array with their bodies, the mages cast a spell that bound the glowing sands of time to their own souls. It was in that moment that everything changed.

Ninar was granted aftersight, the ability to look into the past. Reviewing the mistakes and errors of his forbears, he fell to his knees, head bowed. His mind swam with images of the past; great wars and massacares, regicides and incests, dooms and falls. He chose to ignore the good that had been done, instead focusing on the evil. He could not take such agony, and fled to the mortal realm.

Tarn was granted presentsight, the ability to see all in the present time. His mind was torn asunder by such a rapid influx of information. He threw back his head and roared. Pillars shattered and the sand below him was blown about like a sandstorm. His flesh began to boil and his form expanded. Black spines sprouted from the bulbous red form.

Nira was granted foresight, the ability to see the future. She cried out weakly and collapsed, her eyes staring into the sand, unseeing, her mind flooded with images of things yet to come.

Den’Alar, the most powerful of the four, was granted eversight, the ability to see all things past present and future. He was meant to stabilize the other three and bring them into equilibrium. However, he was the last one granted power, and was unable to help Ninar and Tarn. He managed to relieve Nira before she was driven mad, and teleport Tarn away before he destroyed the tower.

To Be Continued


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